Showing a form inside your pop-up

A common use case is to show a contact or newsletter sign-up form inside your pop-up. This is fairly easy to accomplish with the Boxzilla plugin.

Usually, there are two options for showing a form on your WordPress site.

- By using a shortcode like [mc4wp_form].
- By copy-pasting a HTML embed code from an external service, like MailChimp or Aweber.

Sign-up form shortcode

If you have a plugin installed for integrating with your newsletter service, like our own MailChimp for WordPress plugin, then showing a sign-up form in your pop-up is as easy as adding the following shortcode to your box content.

Subscribe to our newsletter by using the form below.


The specific shortcode depends on the plugin you are using, so replace [mc4wp_form] with something else if you are using a different sign-up plugin.

HTML embed code

If you are not using a plugin to connect your website with a newsletter service provider then you can usually use an HTML embed code that you can paste onto your website to show a sign-up form.

To use such an embed code, make sure you are editing your box in "text mode" (as shown in the image to the right) and paste the code provided by your service.

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