Showing a “close box” text link

By default Boxzilla will add a close icon to the top right corner of your box. There are other options though. Sometimes it can be useful to get rid of the icon and use a text link instead, since text can convey meaning.

Here's a great example from the You Need A Budget blog.

Adding the text link

To add a "close box" hyperlink just like in the example above, go to the page where you edit your Boxzilla pop-up and add the following shortcode to your box content.

Your regular box content.

[boxzilla-close]No thanks[/boxzilla-close]

Boxzilla will automatically replace the [boxzilla-close] tags with the proper HTML for closing the pop-up.

Hiding the close icon

To get rid of the close icon on the top right, scroll down to your box options and find the following setting.

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