Shortcode for a box link that manually shows a box

To make it easier to generate a link in your posts or pages that shows or hides a certain box, we've included a shortcode in Boxzilla that generates the correct HTML for you.

Here's how to use it in its simplest form:

[boxzilla_link]Open pop-up[/boxzilla_link]

However, this generates the HTML for opening all loaded boxes on that page. Most likely, you'll want to open a specific box only.

For this, you will have to include a "box" argument. In the following example the box with ID 1234 will be opened when the link is clicked.

[boxzilla_link box="1234"]Open pop-up[/boxzilla_link]

The shortcode accepts several other parameters to modify the resulting HTML.

Argument Description
box ID of the box you want to target.
action Possible values are "show", "hide", "toggle" and "dismiss".
class The CSS classes you want to add to the link element.

Here's a complete example for a button that toggles box 1234.

[boxzilla_link box="1234" action="toggle" class="button red css-classes"]Open pop-up[/boxzilla_link]

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