Pop-up is not showing

If for some reason your pop-up is not showing, start by checking your box settings.

The important settings to check are the pages on which a box is loaded or excluded and whether you are setting a cookie whenever a pop-up is triggered or dismissed.

Pop-up restricted to certain pages

If you configured your pop-up to only load on certain pages, ensure that the page slugs are still correct. Remember, use a comma separated list to allow a pop-up to show on multiple pages.

Pop-up not showing because of cookie

To check whether the pop-up is not showing because a cookie is set, scroll down to the bottom of your box settings and enable “test mode”. With this setting enabled, your pop-ups will show for all logged-in users regardless of whether a cookie has been set.

Alternatively, open your browser in incognito mode or clear your browser cookies and try again.

Pop-up still not showing?

If your pop-up is still not showing, there might be more going on.

Open up your browser console (here’s how) and check for any JavaScript errors, usually shown in red.

Then, either resolve those errors or if they are caused by Boxzilla itself or open up a topic in the Boxzilla support forums and include a link to your website.

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