Advanced box rules

The plugin comes with a basic way of defining rules for where a box should be loaded.

Using these setting you should be able to do most of your simple targeting based on URL's, posts and pages.

You can use the * sign as a wildcat for URL filters. For example  if URL is /blog/* to get any url that starts with /blog/.

Using advanced logic

However, sometimes you need a little more than that. What if you wanted to show a box only for guest visitors? Or some other custom logic you've set up on your site?

For this, you can use the so-called filter hook boxzilla_load_box.


add_filter( 'boxzilla_load_box', function( $load, $box_id ) {
return ! is_user_logged_in();
}, 10, 2 );

The above example will apply to all boxes. If you wanted to target a specific box by its ID, you can use the boxzilla_show_box_$box_id hook where $box_id refers to the ID of the box.


add_filter( 'boxzilla_load_box_500', function( $load ) {
return ! is_user_logged_in();

A good place for this code would be in your (child) theme its functions.php file or a plugin of its own.

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